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how to get rid of smelly feet home remedies | Health And Fitness Rapidly

how to get rid of smelly feet home remedies

get rid of smelly feet

Generally, wearing sock and shoe to our feet makes it moist due to very poor flow of air into the shoes. As a result of which the fungus and bacteria can breed well in the prevailing condition and produce stinky odours.

Out feet have numerous sweat glands and they lead to a lot of sweating in the feet. You might get embarrassed when in large gathering when your feet start to stink and I think It's a shameful moment. And it is very common that many think this condition is due to the season's effect, but that is totally not. This is just due to the action of bacteria and fungus upon your feet, especially when the feet are bound  by sock and shoe.

Here are some home remedies for smelly/stinky feet 

1. Lemons :-

Drop one lemon into a tub of lukewarm water and soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Lemon has citrus and acidic properties which kill the bacteria that cause the bad odour in the feet.

2. Epsom salt soak :-

Take about a half cup of the Epsom salt and nearly about 8 cups of warm water. Soak your feet for about 30 minutes and dry. Works wonders in neutralising the odour of the feet and also reduces aches in your feet (if any).

3. Use good foot scrubs, powders and oils :-

Clean the feet and use different natural scrub materials to flush away the dirt and dry skin on the feet. You can use cornstarch, baking soda for the purpose. Rinse your feet thoroughly, pat dry and make use of some essential oils onto the feet. (ALSO READ : How To Increase Hemoglobin Fast Naturally | Health And Fitness Rapidly)

4. Vinegar soak :-

Soak your feet in about 1 part of vinegar and about 2 parts of water. Vinegar helps to combat the bacteria. You can also use apple cider vinegar as it fights with fungus and stopping it from producing stinky odour. 

5. Keep changing the shoes that you wear :-

Wearing the same shoe, again and again may cause odour from them. So,frequently make it a point to change the shoes and the socks. And invest in the right kind of qualitative shoes and socks.

NOTE : All the above home remedies are temporary reliefs and nothing can change the feet stinks if the same shoes and socks are worn again and again. Make sure to change them regularly and maintain your feet with these tips and you can never find your feet smelly again.

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