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Cracked Wheat (Dalia) health benefits for weight loss | Health And Fitness Rapidly

Broken wheat/Cracked wheat Health Benefits

broken wheat for weight loss
Cracked wheat (Dalia)
Broken wheat (Dalia) is very good for health it has numerous benefits and this is the reason why Indian mothers are always in favor of Cracked wheat (Dalia). If you want to reduce eating rice then dalia is a great choice as it is made of broken wheat, and you can add vegetables of your choice like carrots, beans, guard, tomatoes, etc.
Note : Broken wheat/ Cracked wheat in English & Dalia in Hindi. Both are same.

Dalia is also delicious dish which is prepared using lentils, ground wheat and vegetables are added to enhance taste and ghee is optional. Yes, it is super healthy and tasty as well.

Here are some health benefits of Cracked wheat (Dalia) :

1. Dalia is good for Weight loss :-

Dalia has a higher amount of protein and is low in fats and calories. Dalia offers a variety of nutrients and doesn't add pounds to your body so you can eat this low-fat dish and reduce weight easily and fast. Dalia has less than 250 calories, so start eating dalia (broken wheat) every day and notice the change in your body. (ALSO READ: Best health benefits of jaggery (gur) for weight loss | Health And Fitness Rapidly)

2. Improves Bowel Movement :-

Dalia (Cracked wheat) contains fiber which aids in digestion. So, if you are facing constipation issues then dalia will help in smooth bowel movement.

3. Great source of magnesium :-

Broken wheat is power packed with many types of nutrients of which magnesium is one of them. Magnesium calms the nerves and also helps in falling asleep. Magnesium soothes muscle pains.

4. Cracked wheat is good for Diabetics :-

Broken wheat is very good for diabetic patients, in fact, doctors recommend this to diabetics as it doesn't increase sugar levels. Complex carbs cause a slow release of glucose in the blood. (ALSO READ : why you should to eat soaked almonds in the morning ! | Health and Fitness Rapidly)

5. Keeps you full for long time :-

Cracked wheat contains a high amount of fiber, if you eat dalia in morning you will feel full for a long time, when you feel full you do not crave for drinks or other junk foods, which helps in controlling weight.

6. Dalia gives Energy :-

Broken wheat offers immense energy  hence is a great option to eat post workout or to include it in morning breakfast. (ALSO READ : cauliflower nutrition facts and benefits | health benefits of cauliflower - Health and Fitness Rapidly)
NOTE : Best time to eat Dalia - In Breakfast

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