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These are some simple Swine Flu H1N1 natural remedies to help fight Flu | Health And Fitness Rapidly

Swine Flu H1N1 Natural Remedies 

garlic for h1n1 virus

We all know that 'Swine flu' is caused due to an influenza virus that is very easily transmitted among human beings. This highly contagious disease cause problem in the respiratory system and needs to be treated on time or it may lead to serious consequences like lung infections and can cost life. Having the number of people contacting with this disease increasing every year, there is an increasing need to curb the spread of this disease.

Here are some simple swine flu natural remedies - that help you from not catching on that disease.

1. Wash the hands with some warm water :-

Make sure that you wash your hands and body parts with warm water and a sanitizer, right after getting back home and before consuming your food.

2. Tulsi leaves :-

Make it a point to take in at least 4 to 5 tulsi leaves every day, as they help in maintain the throat from any kind of injection and fights flu.

3. Aloe vera gel :-

The plant has not only got beauty benefits, but also health benefits. The gel from the leaves of the plant when take daily improves immunity. Take a spoon of this gel with water daily and see the increase of resistance in your body.

4. Garlic :-

Take two pieces or pods of garlic every day in the morning along with some lukewarm water. Garlic is said to have immunity properties that helps you fight the flu at the best.

5. Pranayam :-

Yoga, best for the entire body as it increases the resistance power in the body. (ALSO READ : How to prevent yourself from Chikungunya ?)

6. Camphor :-

Yes, you read it right. Take a piece of  camphor once in a month. 
Note : Remember just once in a month.

7. Citrus fruits :-

Citrus fruits known for vitamin C are a good source for the improvement of the immune system in the body. They also help in the maintenance of healthy skin. (ALSO READ : These fragrant plants are natural mosquito repellent | Health And Fitness Rapidly)

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