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What causes UTI in men: Dangers of holding to your pee?

What causes UTI in men: Dangers of holding to your pee?

pee colouration chart

Sadly, there's a disadvantage to this civic experience. Maximum women and men who fight the urge to pee in public regularly grow to be keeping it in on a regular basis, even if useless. but what maximum folks never consider is whether or not this addiction can purpose any fitness troubles.

After years of practice, you currently excel on the "I gotta go pee" dance! Yup, absolutely everyone has needed to hold it in in some unspecified time in the future or the alternative, however for some of us, it becomes a dependency. This is mainly real for girls, who get used to retaining it in, as not like the typical Indian male, they do not view the arena around as a public urinal.

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What are the fitness dangers of holding to your pee?

The average bladder can maintain approximately half a litre of liquid, but maintaining for your urine on a regular basis can motive your bladder to stretch. There may be a feedback mechanism in your bladder that sends the sign in your mind to can help you recognise which you want to use the lavatory; however, when your bladder is stretched, it is able to maintain more urine and this will intervene with the sign to pee. Here are some of the dangers of conserving to your pee.

Kidney stones

Retaining urine to your bladder for too lengthy can motive minerals that are obvious to your urine to paste together and crystallize to shape kidney stones. Kidney stones are greater commonplace in guys than in girls and so guys who maintain their pee have an excessive hazard of growing kidney stones. If left untreated, kidney stones can purpose abscess formation and it could even diminish renal characteristic.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Disposing of going to the lavatory increases your danger of getting a UTI. Girls are more susceptible to UTIs than men and research display that 1 out of every 5 women gets a UTI in some unspecified time in the future in their existence. Urinary tract infections also can become recurrent in nature and so the hassle can persist for months or maybe years and it may wreak havoc on your reproductive device.

How lengthy is it k to keep it?

So does this mean which you need to make a sprint for the nearest loo each unmarried time you sense like peeing? Genuinely no longer! depending on how lots water you've had, you could look ahead to everywhere from three-6 hours to use the bathroom. The average individual pees 6-8 times a day, even though this could increase to ten instances or greater if your fluid intake is excessive.

What the shade of your pee says approximately your health

Put down your reproduction of '50 sunglasses of grey' and take a closer observe those sunglasses of yellow. Sure, your urine is lots more information than you'd believe, as it can be a fairly appropriate indicator of your fitness. Simply as your bowel movements can offer vital early warning about forthcoming fitness troubles, so can also your urine- now not simply from the colour, however additionally from the density, cloudiness, and odour. As an example, whether or not you've studied this chart or no longer, you may without difficulty inform if you've got jaundice, have eaten up too much alcohol, or are nicely hydrated, simply through paying nearer interest to your urine.

What your pee colouration says approximately your health

 Dangers of holding to your pee?

Light yellow

Urine in a healthful person who is nicely hydrated will continually be mild yellow and transparent, however, it is able to additionally be near colourless.

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Amber or honey

Honey and amber may are available in beautiful sun shades, but it is now not what healthful urine is supposed to appear to be. This is an apparent warning signal which you need to up your water consumption. If that doesn't solve the problem, you need to consult your healthcare issuer.

Red or pink

Substances with deep crimson pigments like strawberries, beets, and blueberries can also additionally reason crimson or reddish urine, so if you've been munching on a whole lot of those give up end result, there is nothing to worry about. In different cases, but, it may be indicative of the presence of blood in urine. This could be induced be a sign of something lots extra critical like an infection of the kidneys or kidney stones, in addition to kidney, bladder, or prostate most cancers. Regardless of the motive, reddish urine needs to no longer be not noted, however, need to be dealt with urgency.

Colourless, transparent

Whilst gently coloured urine is normal if it is mechanically clearly colourless it could mean that you're drinking a piece of an excessive amount of water! Yes, that may be a hassle too, as overhydration also can purpose fitness headaches over a time period, particular troubles of low sodium that motive symptoms like muscle weak spot, spasms, and cramping.

Dark yellow

Darkish yellow urine isn't abnormal, however for most of the people, it's a clean signal which you're now not consuming enough water. If this is true for you, in reality, make it a point to remember to drink greater water on a normal basis.

Foamy or fizzy

On occasion a fallen bladder simply causes more forceful and faster expulsion of urine, ensuing in foamy or fizzy look. If your urine is often foamy and fizzy, however, it is able to be a warning sign of high protein stages in urine or proteinuria. This is typically associated with severe kidney sickness and the circumstance would want to be evaluated via a specialist.


If it is an occasional occurrence, you probably have nothing to fear approximately, but if it is ordinary it can be a signal of an STD, urinary infection, vaginal discharge, or any sort of inflammation of the urinary tract.

Brown ale/Maple syrup

That is an exact signal of serious dehydration or liver ailment and also you should begin ingesting a lot of extra water and fresh fruit juices whilst cutting returned at the alcohol. If the problem lingers on in spite of more and more water consumption, touch your medical doctor as soon as viable.

Our take

At the same time as you ought to now not hold in your pee for too lengthy, you furthermore may shouldn't decrease your fluid intake clearly because you are busy and don't need to take a toilet destroy- this will cause dehydration and a whole lot of different fitness troubles. Even as some human beings trust that you need to drink eight glasses of water a day, this isn't a hard and fast rule. Rather, the colour of your urine is the best indicator as to whether you're eating sufficient fluids. So, drink up or you will be in a wee bit of trouble!

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