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Birth control Male Contraceptive pill called DMAU

Birth control Male Contraceptive pill called DMAU

male contraceptive pill

In a prime breakthrough, scientists have developed a secure, effective male contraceptive tablet that doesn't kill libido.

Known as dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU, it is able to be the primary, an awful lot-awaited opportunity for condoms, which were invented in 1855.

Even though ladies contraceptive tablets had been to be had for 70 years now, capsules for guys never reached fruition as males metabolize/clean out the delivered hormones too quickly.

DMAU tested on eighty-three guys elderly among 18-50 years

Researchers at the University of Washington scientific Centre examined three doses of DMAU (a hundred/two hundred/400mg) for a month ob eighty-three men elderly between 18-50 years.

DMAU has an extended-chain fatty acid which slows down a clearance, allowing one dose an afternoon. Like ladies contraceptive pills, it combines the effect of male hormone androgen and progestin.

On the research's first/remaining day, their blood was examined for hormone/LDL cholesterol.

It works simplest while desirous about meals

Consistent with The Telegraph, the scientists determined that the subjects:

1. When given 400mg of DMAU daily, showed suppressed degrees of testosterone and hormones wanted for producing sperms.

2. Skilled weight advantage and a slump in HDL or appropriate cholesterol

3. Failed to an awful lot record signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency/excess. also, the experimental pill worked most effective when concerned about meals.

4. Cleared safety checks, even markers of liver/kidney health.

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