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Signs you overthink and worry about everything | Health And Fitness Rapidly

Overthink and Overanalyze Problem

overthinking problem

Overthinking is a disease often undiagnosed, perhaps because of its proclivity to a dramatic flair that we all possess. The phenomenon of overthinking is one that seeps in ways you can't quite recognize, and before you know it takes the form of something that you can't shake off. Though there are tells of how you can become aware of the need to overthink, and it may just help you became a little self-aware and self-preserving.

Here are some signs you overthink everything

1. Your mind conjures up conspiracy theories:-

This is rather tragic because in one go you are short-selling yourself and those who are around you at the same time. If you feel that every time you leave the room people to start talking about you, or every time you aren't present at a social gathering, they are all huddled together in dissing you-you are severely overthinking. Plus this an aggravated from can turn to something like anxiety, so nip it in the bud when you have the chance. Believe in yourself and people around you to understand that they aren't there only to criticize you.

2. You constantly change your stance:-

Because you rarely look at facts with an objective idea, you are constantly shuttling back and forth between theories. You are constantly worried about so many things at the same time there is always the possibility of you going through multiple levels of thoughts. And because they are all a result of your overthinking they are bound to be confusing. Take a deep breath and understand what you want to focus on, and them run with it. (ALSO READ: Best yoga poses for better sleep | Health and Fitness Rapidly)

3. You can't easily trust anyone:-

Trust should never be given out for free - we all know that and we all should practice it. However, once you do find someone worthy of that there is no reason why they shouldn't be privy to something that plagues you. Often our choice to withhold something that bothers us translates into us dismissing logic and relying on overthinking. There is no need for this, trust us.

4. You isolate yourself:-

Of course, you isolate yourself because your well-wishers will constantly prod you to shirk off the overthinking that has taken over every aspect of your life. Don't do that. If you are always wary of people without any reason whatsoever, you are just afraid of giving your life a different perspective and dimension and trust us that is a disservice to your evolution as a human being. (ALSO READ: Are you antibiotics savvy? Then it's for you | Health and Fitness Rapidly)

5. You become insecure about a very small thing:-

Whether it is related to an outfit, or a compliment, or a relationship, or your work, regardless of what you experience you never take it for face value and you have an urgency to doubt the sincerity of events. Your guard is always up, and you second guess all the time.

6. You start working with lethargy:-

Simply put you become lazy. Now lethargy is a severe symptom of depression as well, but make no mistake it pokes its way even with overthinking. Because over thinking dulls your power to put reason into practice, you resort to working at a pace that justifies the over thinking. Plus your will to want to do things goes on a low because that does interfere with your obsessing over one thing for a long period of time. (ALSO READ: What happens when you sleep: The mind after Midnight | Health And Fitness Rapidly)

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