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Can you lose virginity from oral sex | Myths about oral sex

Fantasy 1: You do not want a condom

male condom

Due to the fact that oral sex doesn't involve direct contact among sexual organs of the acting partners, you might get duped into believing that it's miles absolutely safe. But, that is a long way from fact. On account that oral sex entails the transmission of physical fluids, there may be an actual hazard of the passing of STIs from the inflamed companion to the other.

Myth 2: Oral sex cannot result in orgasm

Oral sex is a healthful and herbal a part of foreplay. And, foreplay, as we recognize, is done for sexual stimulation and to reach closer to the climax. For that reason, it is inaccurate to expect that oral sex can't lead to orgasm.

Fable 3: You may lose your virginity

Many human beings have a tendency to accept as true with that by means of indulging in any form of sexual hobby (like oral sex) will make them lose their virginity.

But, oral sex is a part of the foreplay and doesn't include mutual contact of partners sexual organs. For this reason, the solution is not any with the aid of having oral sex, you will no longer lose your virginity.

Fable 4: It's far hygienic

Oral sex, like any other form of sexual pastime, may or might not be unhygienic. It simply depends on the hygiene measures taken by using the companions.

To make certain hygienic oral intercourse, take a journey to the washroom earlier than in addition to after intercourse.

Use a condom and dental dam whilst performing oral intercourse. Also, use fresh and easy undergarments and bedding.

Fable 5: You would possibly get pregnant


For being pregnant, it's far vital for the sperm inside the semen to get in touch with the woman egg. There is no different way to get pregnant.

But, throughout oral sex, the semen gets in contact with the frame or the inner of the mouth, however, will no longer attain the egg anyhow. For that reason, being pregnant from oral intercourse is ruled out

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