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Hydroponic zero carbon food farming in India (soil-less farming) - World Health Day

With the first-hand experience in city farming and the choice to re-introduce to the people the art of regionally grown veggies while maintaining the components of nutrients and freshness alive, city-based totally Linesh Narayan Pillai poured in his know-how to present humans soil-much less farming.

Called hydroponic farming, it's miles a powerful way of growing leafy vegetables in small spaces without the use of soil. So as opposed to the soil, the plants are grown in a water solution this is rich in vital vitamins.

zero carbon food

"We need regionally grown food but we can't get into farming inside the metropolis as the soil is of no top, it has got creation waste in it. You can't truck in so much soil due to the fact there may be no space to put it. The leafy veggies available to us, be it in the mandi or high-stop shops, are grown in the open fields wherein chemicals are sprayed. The idea is to change that layout," says the forty six-12 months-old who first laid fingers on urban agriculture in 2007 in eastern Europe, taking it up as an interest along his fulltime-banking process.

"It got here obviously to me. As it was something I did as a kid with my dad and mom in Malad. But today, codecs of farming want to alternate. The conventional codecs are not working today".

When on a go to India in 2010, he became aghast on the country of farm produces he noticed mendacity in rucksacks in Dadar with stray animals walking over them. This similarly strengthened his selection to convey the farming approach to India. Finally in 2013, after efficiently changing a 500 sq.toes of land in Manori into a prototype soil-much less farm producing 10kgs of leafy veggies each week, Pillai installed his organization Terra Farms, renamed as Urban Green Fate (UGF) Farms two years ago.

"We placed a net to slump all of the bugs from coming in. That got loads of attention from chefs of five-megastar accommodations and restaurants, they desired to return and see it," he recalls.

From catering to the needs of high-end eating places and lodges, helping company set-up farms below CSR and connecting with faculty and universities, UGF Farms is promoting 0 carbon food developing in a space where it is fed on.

"We have hydroponic farms and farmers who have collaborated with us and we make sure that the product is added to the city is from the nearest farm feasible. The farm we are catering to is in Lonavala. It has got the hydroponic installation in a greenhouse and it has never been sprayed upon. The produce gets discharged from the hydroponic machine and inside one hour reaches the retail stop. So whilst it is going to the shop, it's miles a star product," smiles Pillai who has effectively installation hydroponic farms in more than one five-big name accommodations, eating places and network spaces.

With over 3 dozens of farms created extra than 30 installations actively growing across the metropolis generating more than 70 tonnes of leafy veggies, Pillai is making plans something greater massive.

"By using the end of his year, we're ready to install 25000 square meter multi-layer warehouse facility in Thane. You'll see the farm developing at 18 stages," he concludes.

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