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Do you know more than 6 lakh Indian teen smoking daily: Study revealed

Do you know more than 6 lakh Indian teen smoking daily: Study revealed


In line with a look at with the aid of the American most cancers Society and US-primarily based research firm important strategies, extra than 6 lakh Indian youngster smoking day by day. It's miles very risky for public fitness and future of India.

The observe claimed that 17,887 Indian lives are lost weekly to consumption of Tabacco. but, this range is less than the common deaths due to tobacco smoking in medium human improvement index nations (HDI nations).

Revenue generated via leading tobacco groups

The have a look at - referred to as the global tobacco atlas - also found that the mixed revenue of six of the arena's biggest tobacco companies in 2016 turned into greater than $346 billion, that's roughly same to 15% of India's gross national income.

Price of smoking in India

Value of smoking in India is Rs. 1818691 million
The study, which turned into a released ultimate week, also located that 82.12 billion cigarettes were produced in India in 2016.

It also claimed that the cost of smoking in India- accounting for both direct prices associated with health-care and oblique costs bobbing up out of low productiveness resultant of early mortality and morbidity- quantities to a whopping Rs. 1818691 million.

Tobacco intake in India

Even though the range of youngster smoking in India is lesser than the common in medium HDI countries, the take a look at observed that over 429500 boys and 195500 women smoke cigarettes each day in India.

Meanwhile, the look at determined that over 90342900 Indian men and 13466600 Indian women smoke cigarettes each day.
171094600 Indians use smokeless tobacco - a signal of a dire chance to public health.

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