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40% patients suffer from head and neck most cancers in Tripura

40% patients suffer from head and neck most cancers in Tripura


Tripura fitness minister Sudip Roy Burman has requested people, especially girls, of the country to alternate their lifestyle to prevent cancer.

He said 2500 new cancer sufferers are diagnosed every yr in Tripura and forty percentage of total cancer affected patients in the country are women.

Burman stated the government has decided to arrange extra fitness awareness campaigns for most cancers.

40% patients suffer from head and neck most cancers in Tripura

Superintendent of nearby most cancers health centre Dr Gautam Majumdar said over 70% cancer sufferers report at a sophisticated level due to lack of understanding.

He stated 1458 most cancers patients died in 2016 at the same time as 3786 sufferers died of most cancers between 2014-2016.

Amongst all cancer patients in the nation,40% be afflicted by head and neck most cancers usually because of chewable tobacco, he stated.

Fitness minister at the trade of way of life

It's miles a remember of a situation for us that the ladies of the state are more and more being affected by cancer both by means of chewing tobacco or because of smoking. I assume an exchange of lifestyle can help them to remain loose from cancer, Burman said.

Tripura tops northeast in tobacco consumption in all its form

Tripura tops inside the northeast in tobacco intake in all its paperwork, the health minister stated quoting a file.

Burman said the authorities have planned to modernize the local cancer hospital here and additionally installation every other cancer health facility at ambassa in dhalai district.

This is our vision. Governor Tathagata Roy also referred to this in his speech in the assembly, he stated.

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