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What is girl condoms and why girls don't use them

What is girl condoms and why girls don't use them

girl condoms

India's conflict with population manages, a committed condom day or contraceptive week or reproductive fitness month to elevate attention is long late.

But considering the fact that we don't have any yet, permit's use the USA's countrywide condom month, February, to discuss the deafening silence round female condoms in India.

To begin with, see what occurs to this

What are girl condoms?

Fabricated from thin polyurethane, a girl condom acts as a shielding cowl for a vagina to prevent sperms from coming into.

If used efficaciously, which is very uncommon, it's miles 95 % secure. for maximum ladies, but, its handiest 79% effective.

Although women of all ages and body types can use it, woman condoms may be difficult for the ones who've in no way used tampons.

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How are they higher than male condoms?

male condoms

Not like male condoms which range consistent with their make, all female condoms shield from sexually-transmitted infections.

It could be inserted up to 8 hours before the sex, leaving no room for closing-minute inconveniences.

The condom remains put despite the fact that erection is lost, making it a safer desire.

Its outside ring rubs against clitoris during sex. it, consequently, offers girls more pride than male condoms.

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What are the to be had alternatives? in which are you able to purchase them?

Pharmacies, departmental stores rarely inventory them, but they may be without problems to be had on online marketplaces which include condom bazaar, Amazon and Flipkart.

In India, the pinnacle three manufacturers are moods velvet condoms (3 pcs for rs. 90), cupid woman condoms (6pcs for rs. 300-600) and I pill girl condom (2pcs for rs. 110).

They can be used for anal intercourse, however, should be discarded after use.

Why are they now not used as a good deal?

No matter their blessings, female condoms are seldom the favoured contraceptive due to several motives.

The price to 4 instances as lots as male condoms, don't have as many sorts, aren't as convenient, effective or without difficulty to be had.

In line with Durex, male condoms are 85% effective but lady condoms handiest 75 %.

There's also the threat of them slipping into vagina/anus or dislocating in the course of intercourse.

Have to girls choose them over different contraceptives?

Why no longer? they give you higher manipulate and better pleasure compared to different contraceptives.

Moreover, they do not negatively affect natural hormones or menstrual cycle like capsules, patches. also, they save you from the headaches of a surgical treatment or putting foreign gadgets (vaginal rings, implants, diaphragms or IUDs) for your frame for an extended time frame. all they want is some getting used to.

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