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Are you single on Valentine? - Don't Worry

Are You Single On V-Day?

Valentine Day

Being single on valentine's day can deliver with it an honest degree of depression or annoyance relying on the way you choose to have a look at the situation. right here's a way to get thru the mush that envelopes every person's collective senses this time, every 12 months.

Bond with different singles

Jump over to comedy troupe All India Bakchod's (AIB) Mumbai event, Pyaar Ek Dhoka hai to meet fellow V-day haters. appearance out for eating places/cafes for your city that are establishing 'anti-valentine's day' activities. all if all else fails, the band collectively a number of your unmarried buddies and throw a small house celebration. and err, make sure that one these days single and heartbroken friend would not play channa mereya.

Remember your perks

No matter what greeting card companies and romance dramas would really like you to believe, being single does have its upsides. you don't need to proportion your tacos with all of us. you could pick which movie to watch. you might not be addressed as 'babu' or 'Shona'. you may take off on solo journeys that promise adventure. and most importantly, you don't owe every person any factors.

Take this expert advice

Still feeling desolately companion-less? listen to Seema Hingorrany, Mumbai primarily based medical psychologist "The idea that you need to be with someone on valentine's day is just conditioning. you observed humans will decide you if you are not. but it is okay to be by myself; do now not allow yourself to experience neglected. whilst others are out celebrating, seize this danger to instruction self-love. "except, we are saying, there are worse things than being without a date on V-J Day.

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