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First cases of Zika virus in India - What's the Causes, Symptoms and Prevention (WHO confirms)

First instances of zika virus reach India - WHO confirms:-

zika virus


1. There's no vaccine or medicine for zika.

2. Zika is spread mostly via the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. these mosquitoes chew for the duration of the day and night.

3. Zika can be surpassed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. contamination in the course of pregnancy can cause positive start defects.

4. Neighborhood mosquito-borne zika virus transmission has been stated within the continental
united states.

Ahmedabad has suggested the primary showed instances of zika virus in India. in its modern disorder outbreak news dated might also 26, the arena health business enterprise (who) has shown three cases of zika virus from Ahmedabad, consisting of a pregnant woman examined this January.

The Indian Council of scientific research has examined 34,233 human samples and 12,647 mosquito samples for the presence of zika virus.

The routine laboratory surveillance detected a laboratory-confirmed case of zika virus ailment thru rt-PCR take a look at bjmc, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. two extra instances have then been identified via the acute febrile illness (AFI) and the antenatal medical institution surveillance.

WHO said, "the ministry of fitness and family welfare- the government of India reported 3 laboratory- showed instances of zika virus ailment in bapunagar location, Ahmedabad district, Gujarat, country, India."

Currently, as a part of the country authorities' campaign of making Gujarat 'malaria-loose' by using 2022, AMC had released a pressure in which over 1500 medical experts might be deployed to check mosquito breeding. under the force, kingdom fitness authorities plan to check greater than 1.five million families, workplace areas, business homes and institutions, among others throughout the metropolis for an incidence of mosquito breeding websites over the next fortnight or so.

How zika spreads:-

1. Through mosquito bites

2. Via intercourse

3. Via blood transfusion (very likely but no longer showed)

4. From a pregnant lady to her fetus.

Zika signs:-

Many humans infected with zika virus may not have signs and symptoms or will most effective have moderate symptoms. the maximum commonplace symptoms of zika are :

1. Rash

2. Fever

3. Crimson eyes

4. Muscle ache

5. Joint ache

6. A headache

A way to save you zika:-

There's no vaccine to save you zika. the first-class way to save you illnesses unfold through mosquitoes is to guard yourself and your own family against mosquito bites.

Here is a listing :

1. Put on lengthy-sleeved shirts and long pants.

2. Use environmental safety business enterprise (epa) - registered insect repellents.

3. Do no longer use products containing oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane-diol on kids younger than 3 years old.

4. Do not use insect repellents on infants more youthful than 2 months antique.

5. Live in places with air con.

6. Save you sexual transmission of zika by means of using condoms or not having intercourse.

What to do when you have zika:-

There may be no unique medicinal drug or vaccine for zika virus. deal with the signs:-

1. Get lots of relaxation.

2. Drink fluids to save you dehydration.

3. If you are taking medicine for every other clinical situation, communicate with your health practitioner before taking extra medicine.

4. Don't take aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory capsules (NSAIDs).

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